Leftist Tears: Liberals Have Meltdown Over Trump's Presidential Announcement

John Simmons | November 16, 2022
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Donald Trump really does live rent free in the minds of liberals.

The 45th president announced on Tuesday that he will indeed be running for the White House in 2024, marking his third run for the nation’s top political office. 

Predictably, Hollywood elites and actors alike were outraged to hear the news, and many took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

Trump used his record in office to claim he would be a good fit for America in 2024, something that The Batman co-star Jeffrey Wright took exception to.

A host of other stars reacted in a similar fashion to Trump's words.

It really is remarkable that even though Trump has been out of the White House for nearly two years, liberals still shake in their Uggs at the thought of him being in the White House again.

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