Leftists Abandon 'Birthing People' To Complain About Attacks on 'Women's Rights'

Brittany M. Hughes | May 3, 2022
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Leftists quickly abandoned their “birthing people” charade as news broke that the Supreme Court of the United States is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade and send abortion decisions back to individual states.

In their haste to condemn these hateful attacks on “women’s rights,” liberals incensed that their legal right to systematically murder millions of infants seemed to forget about all the “men” they’ve spent the last few years claiming can get pregnant and birth children.

Here’s Joy Reid, telling people to “hug their sisters and daughters.”

But what about all the fathers, brothers and sons who’ve given birth?

Here’s California Gov. Gavin Newsom vowing that “our daughters, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers will not be silenced.”

Enjoy those bus tires, non-binary pregnant people.

Here’s Yashar Ali, tacitly admitting that only women can have abortions…

...because only women get pregnant.

Ignore Swalwell’s terrible grammar as he laments the loss of “a women’s right to choose.”

Kristan Powers, screaming that “women” are being demoted to second-class citizens.

Here’s Dan Rather complaining that “women” will “bear the heaviest burden.”

Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor urging congressional Democrats to pass the “Women’s Health Protection Act.”

Notice how it’s not the “Birthing People’s Health Protection Act.”

Hillary Clinton is whining that the decision will "subjugate women."

Not trans men. Not the gender-queer. Not two-spirit pansexual "xiers" or "zhems." 

Nope. "Women."


In addition to the fact that leftists seem to have a total lack of understanding about what Roe allowed (and what overturning it actually does), the SCOTUS leak Monday night revealed two crucially important facts about liberals: that the ability to poison and dismember infants is their religion, and that their commitment to a truly “non-binary” society, in which gender is simply a “social construct,” is nothing more than a political charade to be picked up and dropped like a bad habit depending on convenience.