Leftists Melt Down Over Indiana’s Pro-Life Laws, While Pro-Lifers Rejoice

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 21, 2023
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On Monday, the Indiana Supreme Court decided it was not going to hear arguments for pro-death policies, as it’s already made up its mind to uphold pro-life laws passed by the state legislature. And while life-affirming people and groups celebrated the win for life, pro-death voices were pissed. 

In 2022, Republican Governor Eric Holcomb signed Senate Bill 1 that made abortion in the state illegal except in the case of fatal fetal anomalies diagnosed before 20 weeks, if a mother’s life is in danger, or if a baby was conceived through rape or incest and is under 10 weeks gestation. Honestly, the ban on abortion wasn’t even entirely pro-life, as it still allowed for infanticide in certain instances - but lefties still weren’t happy. 

The law also made it clear that abortions could only be performed at hospitals, not at abortion clinics, which naturally peeved Planned Parenthood. After all, the organization makes money by killing babies, so any limitations directly impact its revenue. 

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At the time of its passing, pro-abortion groups filed a lawsuit and a judge temporarily blocked the law from going into effect. Then, at the end of June, the state Supreme Court ruled the law did not violate the state's constitution. Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) asked the Indiana Supreme Court to rehear their arguments but as of Monday, their request was denied

The new pro-life laws will save the lives of as many as 9,000 babies every year, according to Life News.

“We defeated the pro-death advocates who try to interject their views in a state that clearly voted for life,” Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita stated. 

As noted by Chief Justice Loretta Rush, who concurred with the ruling, the challenge by the pro-aborts was baseless.

“There is simply no sound legal basis for an interim injunction that is even broader than the relief plaintiffs intend to pursue in the trial court,” she said.

Her sentiment was shared by Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins, who tweeted, “VICTORY: Indiana's Supreme Court certifies their decision to protect preborn babies at the moment of conception, denying Corporate Abortion's appeal! The "Life at Conception" law should take effect in DAYS!” 

At the same time, pro-aborts were heartbroken. 

ACLU of Indiana sent out a tweet Monday claiming it was a “dark day” for Hoosier ladies, while the group’s executive director, Jane Henegar, said, “We have seen the horrifying impact of bans like this across the country, and the narrow exceptions included in this extreme ban will undoubtedly put Hoosiers’ lives at risk. We will continue to fight in court to clarify and expand upon the current exceptions. Every person should have the fundamental freedom to control their own body and politicians’ personal opinions should play no part in this personal decision.” 

Congressman André Carson (D-Ind.) insisted the law would make Indiana “more unsafe and inhospitable” for families, claiming, “We must continue fighting to protect reproductive rights here at home and across America.”

Ultimately, this is a win for life, regardless of what the pro-aborts are saying. Hopefully other states learn to recognize and defend the sanctity of life and soon follow suit.

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