Leftists Painted a 'Pride' Flag On the Street, Then Got Mad When People Left Tire Marks

Brittany M. Hughes | March 9, 2023
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Leftists are mad because they painted something on the road and then other people ran over it. And yes, I do mean that quite literally.

There’s apparently a big to-do happening in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after people began leaving black tire marks all over a gay pride flag the city had painted - courtesy of tax dollars - on a local road. As in, on the asphalt, where the cars live. Because while militant LGBTQ activists can brainwash your children, provide them with porn in schools, parade all manner of debauchery down your city street, put propaganda into literally every corner of the entertainment industry, promote crossdressing at major retailers, and systematically destroy women's sports and the privacy of female-only private spaces, God forbid someone leave a black streak down a stretch of painted concrete that's meant to be driven on. 

In one incident, footage from a resort hotel across the street showed someone in a Ford F-250 doing a burnout on the 150-foot rainbow mural that had been painted about a month ago on Sebastian Street. Police have actually expended resources searching for the driver, all for the crime of leaving skid marks on a leftwing political symbol. As far as we know, this dangerous menace to society has yet to be found.

"The Fort Lauderdale Police Department is deeply disturbed this incident took place," Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Patrick Lynn said in a statement. "We stand in support of our LGBTQ community and will continue to gather details surrounding this vandalism."

Apparently, there are no murders to solve or thieves to apprehend in Fort Lauderdale. Lucky them!

Miik Martorell, the president of Pride Fort Lauderdale who seemingly also has nothing better do to than worry about people leaving rubber on a stretch of painted road, called the incident “incredibly hurtful.”

“It’s something we work for at Pride to bring people together, to let them know we expel the hate and try to stay positive and loving, and to see this, which is completely senseless, it's completely filled with hate, it's unnecessary," he said.


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But it turns out it isn’t just car and truck drivers who’ve been accused of defacing the mural as though it were the final work of Claude Monet. Video also caught a trio of cyclists riding over the mural and leaving tiny black skid marks.

A police report estimated the “damage” to the mural to be around $1,000, though how repainting a couple spots on a few colorful stripes on the street could possibly cost that much is beyond me.

But if it’s that important and that expensive, maybe next time, don’t paint something on the freaking street.