Lefty Professor Labels the Media Research Center 'Fake News'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 13, 2017

MRCTV’s sister website, cnsnews.com, has officially been deemed a “biased” and “unreliable” news source – at least, as seen on a list of “fake news” media outlets created by a left-wing “professor” and circulated by the once prestigious university.

Melissa “Mish” Zimdars, an assistant professor of Communication and Media at Merrimack College (an an unabashed leftist based on her own Twitter account), created the list shortly after the election, most likely as a way to assuage her butthurt over Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump by blaming everything on right-wing news sites. However, she’d tell you it’s because she began seeing click-bait sites (apparently such as cnsnews.com) pop up in papers submitted by her students.

While there's plenty of "fake news" floating around out there (looking at you, CNN), we’re not talking about stuff like “barack-obama-is-a-kenyan-muslim-tranny.com.” Sites Zimdars listed as “biased,” “fake,” “unreliable, “clickbait” or “unknown” include the Media Research Center, MRCTV’s parent site, along with the Daily Wire, the Washington Free Beacon, the Drudge Report, The Daily Caller, Breitbart News, the Independent Journal Review and the National Review.

Left-leaning outlets like the Huffington Post, Slate, Vox, Buzzfeed and Salon were noticeably absent from the list, while well-known liberal sites like thinkprogress.org were simply labeled “political.” Zimdars added she personally trusts the New York Times, NPR and the (left-leaning) Atlantic.

Campus Reform noted in its report that “In fact, the word “conservative appears 19 times on the list while the term “liberal” appears only 4 times.”

Zimdars’ collection of so-called “fake” news – which she admits in the fine print is based on her own opinion and that of her students – is now being touted openly by Harvard in their guide to spotting “fake news, misinformation and propaganda” as a “huge list of fake news sites.” 

Harvard’s guide also suggests detecting fake news by running information against such reliable (and also wildly leftist) websites like Snopes, Politifact and the Washington Post Fact Checker.

We'll add Zimdars to our list of biased professors. At this point, they're a dime a dozen.