Lefty 'Reporter' to Pro-Lifers: Stop Whining About Pregnancy Clinics Being Bombed

Brittany M. Hughes | August 12, 2022
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Outraged at the rash of violence aimed at pro-life clinics and religious charities across the country in recent months? Incensed at the media all but ignoring pregnancy centers being firebombed and their employees threatened with physical violence?

Just stop complaining about it, whiner.

That’s the latest hot take from The Atlantic – which, to be fair, isn’t exactly known for its down-the-line, fact-based reporting. Instead, the lefty rag on Friday ran with this riff aimed at pro-lifers who’re upset at seeing dozens – literally, dozens – of pro-life clinics and churches defaced with violent messages, their windows smashed in, their equipment destroyed, and, in some extreme cases, their entire buildings burned to the ground by militant and rabidly pro-abortion terrorists.

“A mysterious pro-abortion-rights group is claiming credit for acts of vandalism around the country, and right-wing activists and politicians are eating it up,” staff writer Kaitlyn Tiffany penned in a piece titled, "The Right’s New Bogeyman."

I suppose this is the re-branding of “conservatives pounce.”

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In the piece, Tiffany downplays the threat of the group “Jane’s Revenge,” which has taken credit for a slew of violent attacks on pregnancy centers and the faith-based institutions that fund them since news broke that SCOTUS planned to overturn Roe v. Wade, calling the group a “bogeyman” with likely little "practical significance" whose image is being inflated by pro-lifers excited by the attacks (a “bogeyman” that the FBI, for what it’s now worth, thought violent enough to begin investigating - not, of course, that Tiffany cares).

In fact, quite the opposite. Rather than detailing the centers and religious affiliates that have been busted up and torched in places like Buffalo, New York; Dearborn Heights, Michigan; Madison, Wisconsin; Washington, D.C., and Portland, Oregon, Tiffany instead glosses over the incidents and compares them to that of Antifa, the rise of whom she also blames on right-wingers who merely need "a foil for alt-right protestors and activists."

What’s more, she then blames pro-lifers’ “fixation on the threat of ‘Jane’s Revenge’” for “ultimately contribut[ing] to its spread,” suggesting that conservatives are intentionally spurring the attacks and planning to profit and fundraise off the continued violence.

Translation? “Sure, pro-life clinics are being attacked, their people threatened and their property destroyed. But it’s really your fault for complaining about it.”

Over on Twitter, Tiffany marketed her piece as an analysis of “the right's embrace of Jane's Revenge.”

In that consider this my piece on The Atlantic’s embrace of utter stupidity. Because you can’t get much dumber – or more disingenuous – than this.