LeSean McCoy: Bieniemy's Skin Color Has Nothing To Do With Why He's Not A Head Coach

John Simmons | February 22, 2023
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LeSean McCoy is doubling down on his assertion that skin color has nothing to do with why Washington Commanders offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy isn’t a head coach.

The former running back and two-time Super Bowl champion was on Fox Sports’ “Speak” on Monday and offered his personal experience to help explain why he believes Bieniemy isn’t a head coach. McCoy played for the Chiefs during the 2019 season, the second year of Bieniemy’s tenure as offensive coordinator with Kansas City.

“What’s his value? What makes him a good offensive coordinator?” McCoy said at the beginning of his monologue. Then he gives several legitimate reasons why he might not bring a lot of value to the teams he helps coach.

All of what McCoy is saying makes sense. His argument is not an empty, emotion-driven rant, but is actually founded on legitimate assessments of Bieniemy’s contributions to the Chiefs' offense and his personality as a leader.

However, two of McCoy’s ex-teammates rushed to Bieniemy’s defense.

Legendary Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles thinks the world of Bieniemy, and Tyreek Hill - who played his entire career with Kansas City before going to the Miami Dolphins this past season - also believes McCoy is only saying these things because he and Bieniemy had some disagreements.

“I have to disagree with you Shady,” Charles tweeted. “Bieniemy [coached] me 4 years; I learned so many thing[s] [from] EB and I still keep in contact with him a great husband and father. He deserves to be a head coach.”

Everyone is going to have an opinion and not all of them will be identical. But it is interesting that one of his former players -- who happens to be black, for what it’s worth -- keeps providing measured and believable takes void of racist talking points on why Bieniemy isn’t at the helm of an NFL franchise.

Not that McCoy's opinion will carry any weight in the sports media, who've already tried and convicted the NFL in the kangaroo court of racism.

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