LGBT Groups Cancel All Fla. Pride Parades After DeSantis Signs Legislation Banning Minors at Adult-Themed LGBT Events

Sarah Prentice | May 23, 2023
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On May 17, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a package of legislation into law titled “Let Kids Be Kids” with the purpose of protecting innocent children from the ever growing influence of the alphabet soup community on today’s society. 

The bill outlaws the permanent mutilation that goes hand-in-hand with sex-change surgeries performed on minors, prevents the spread of gender identity politics in schools, and bans minors from attending sexually explicit performances, such as drag shows and pride parades. 

“Florida is proud to lead the way in standing up for our children,” DeSantis said during a press conference announcing his new legislation. “As the world goes mad, Florida represents a refuge of sanity and a citadel of normalcy.”

Apparently, this was just too much for the “Rainbow Mafia” to handle. Several pride month events slated to take place in Florida were canceled by LGBT organizers and activists. 

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One such event was a parade planned to be held in St. Cloud, Florida. Following the signing of legislation banning minors, the pride organizers canceled their event, citing the new laws “have created a climate of fear and hostility” towards LGBT-identifying Florida residents. 

It’s hard to understand quite why the organizers decided to outright cancel their events instead of just adjusting the age requirements to attend. Are there really no adults that want to attend these events? Perhaps it was an act of protest. However, that’s a very poor strategy, in my opinion, at least in terms of optics. 

Less pride events taking place? To that I say, “Fantastic!”

The fact that these pride organizers were so upset over not being able to have children present at their events says a lot about who they’re targeting with their agenda. There was no law in Florida saying they couldn’t hold these events anymore, only a law preventing a child’s presence. But instead of adjusting the requirements to attend, these groups outright canceled the events. 

When witnessing this reaction from pro-LGBT activists, how are people supposed to believe that the LGBT mafia’s true intentions are anything but to viciously indoctrinate American children with their delusional gender ideology?


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