Liberal Celebrities Laud Brazil Election As A Win For Democracy

John Simmons | November 1, 2022
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Hollywood elites have always had a soft spot for Latin American socialist regimes. From Castro to Ortega to Chavez and Maduro, the stars love an economy-destroying honcho. Check out the Tinsel Town reaction to look at how they reacted to Brazil’s presidential election.

On Sunday, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva defeated now former President Jair Bolsonaro by just over a percentage point, and that is bad news for Brazil (the upcoming term would be his third, as he has already has two terms under his belt from 2003-2011). In his first words after being elected, Lula promised that he would turn the country away from the largely conservative policies of Bolsonaro and guide Brazil towards socialism.

“Today, we are telling the world that Brazil is back,” Lula said to a crowd of supporters on Sunday night. “That Brazil is too great to be relegated to that sad role of global pariah … it is necessary to reconstruct the very soul of this country. To recover generosity, solidarity, respect for differences and love for one another.”

Nice words from a guy who served time in prison for corruption. During his first tenure as president, Lula and dozens of other political allies were convicted of racketeering, money laundering, and a host of other illegal activities that were uncovered in what became known as “Operation Car Wash,” what many people claim was the biggest corruption scandal in history. He was in prison from 2018-2022, and will now be president again.

But all of that was conveniently forgotten by leftist celebrities, who lauded Lula’s victory as a step in the right direction not just for Brazil, but also the world at large. The one thing that leftists love as much as socialist politicians is supporting the climate change religion, and they think that Lula’s election will -- I kid you not -- will be good for the world’s environment as well.

Somehow, in their confused minds, Lula’s victory not only means democracy will thrive, but it automatically means the Amazon rainforest will not be chopped down, which means the world will be saved. Gotcha!

Liberal celebrities continue to prove that there are no limits to their stupidity.

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