Liberal Pundit Alan Colmes Says FBI Should Investigate Hillary

Jeffdunetz | May 13, 2015

Note: If you have a weak heart you might want to sit down before you read the following post. 

There was a major surprise on Fox News Channel Wednesday morning as Fox News' liberal pundit and radio host Alan Colmes called for the FBI to investigate a possible conflict of interest between Clinton Foundation donations and Hillary Clinton's actions as Secretary of State. 

Colmes was discussing the scandals surrounding Ms. Clinton and the Foundation with host Bill Hemmer and conservative pundit Brad Blakeman on America's Newsroom when he declared:

"The F.B.I. might want to this look into this to see that there was not a conflict of interest between her work as Secretary of State and any money that went to the Clinton Foundation."

And when the surprised host double-checked whether he meant what he said, Colmes answered with a definitive "Absolutely."  Later on. Colmes quipped, "None of this ‘I didn’t inhale stuff.'"

Colmes' call for an investigation is shocking on many levels. First of all. Colmes, whose personal website is called "Liberaland," usually protects Democrats at any cost. This is a guy whose most recent book is called "Thank the Liberals For Saving America." He rarely concedes any ground to conservatives, but his declaration needed no coaxing; he led the discussion with his call for an investigation.

The liberal pundit's invitation to the F.B.I. was a bit reminiscent of when America's most trusted newsman at the time, Walter Cronkite, came out against the Vietnam War. President Johnson said, "If we've lost Cronkite, we've lost America." If Hillary has lost Alan Colmes, could liberal America be far behind?

Additionally, Colmes' declaration comes at a time when "Team Clinton" is aggressively trying to convince the country that "Clinton Cash" author Peter Schweizer is some kind of politically-driven extremist. Just two days ago. Clinton fixer Lanny Davis appeared on CSPAN and compared Schweizer to Joe McCarthy.

As the discussion continued, Hemmer brought up reports that the Clinton Foundation continued to take foreign donations despite a promise to stop. As if to put an exclamation point on his earlier call for an investigation, the liberal pundit agreed that the foreign donations were unacceptable. 

Below is a transcript and video of the discussion.

Hemmer: She said she would stop, apparently it has not happened, and you have a problem and you have a problem with that Alan?

Colmes: She’s got to answer questions, she’s got to stand up and answer to the press whether it’s a news conference or an interview. As we said on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night and I actually agreed with Bill the F.B.I. might want to this look into this to see that there was not a conflict of interest between her work as Secretary of State and any money that went to the Clinton Foundation.

Hemmer:  You would support that.

Colmes: Absolutely.

Hemmer: I don’t think you would disagree with that would you Brad?

Blakeman: I don’t disagree. I give Alan a lot of credit it’s the right thing to do. Even the appearance of impropriety by someone whose running for president whose held high office such as Secretary of State, whose husband is a former president. This doesn’t pass the smell test. And any candidate, no matter who they are Republican or Democrat, must have their business affairs looked at not only by the public but also by authorities if necessary.

Colmes: I’d like to see her cleared obviously, but I’d like to see full disclosure and transparency. None of this ‘I didn’t inhale stuff’