Liberals Try to Remove Anti-Obama Signs in New Orleans

Stephen Gutowski | September 29, 2011
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It's a story as old as time. Liberal comes across speech they don't like. Liberal does everything it can to silence said speech. (h/t Fox Nation)

Did you catch all that? A New Orleans resident posted a couple signs on his own private property criticizing President Obama. Some liberals wandered by and didn't like the fact the signs made fun of President Obama. These liberals freaked out so much that the media, police, and even some liberal politicians got involved.

In fact, city councilwoman Susan Guidry questions this guy's expression of his opinion so much that she openly admits that she will try to use ANY technicality she can find to squash it. She literally goes through a list of things she might use against the homeowner while being interviewed by WWL-TV saying "Whatever we can use, we will". Of course she is reportedly just "concerned about public safety".

Now, I'm not positive what country, or planet for that matter, these liberals live on but I've always been under the impression that here in America freedom of speech was a protected right given to us by God and protected from infringement by the Constitution. Heck, I'm not even the kind of person who would put up big provocative political signs on my property (and I don't agree with everything on those signs) but I am certainly the kind of person who will push back against those who try to drum up bogus technicalities in order to infringe on speech they don't like.

If this attack on free speech goes unabated and succeeds it will be yet another dark day for our country.