Liberals Try To Troll Conservative Book, And It MAJORLY Backfires

Brittany M. Hughes | March 10, 2017

Michael Knowles, an editor and cultural contributor over at the Daily Wire, recently penned a brilliantly hilarious book entitled, "Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide," immediately earning him top troll level status and catapulting him into a whirlwind media frenzy.

What's hilarious about Knowles' novel, for the few who may not know, is that it's entirely blank. As in, literally every page.

Having only hit the shelves in early February, the book has already landed the No. 1 spot on Amazon's Best Seller list, despite its intentionaly lack of content.

Unfortunately, liberals aren't known for their ability to take a joke, and decided to respond with a book of their own. It's name?

"Reasons to Vote For Republicans: A Captivating Interpretation," by Char Daley.

Like Knowles' book, Daley's tome is completely blank. Its cover is also nearly identical, though the Democratic symbol of a donkey featured on Knowles' book has been replaced with an elephant. It's literally the same book save for a 30 percent cover change, perhaps proving once and for all that if liberals had an original thought, their heads would explode.

Still, there are a few differences between Knowles' original concept and Daley's lazy attempt at a comeback. While "Reasons To Vote For Democrats" is sitting pretty as Amazon's top seller, Daley's book was floundering at #8,733 as of Friday afternoon.

And, while Knowles' book is enjoying slews of fantastic reviews from readers (it's currently averaging 4.5 stars), customers have been quick to note its successor's weak response. Case in point: