'Libtard' Trends on Twitter, Check Out Some of the Reasons Why

Nick Kangadis | August 4, 2022
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Some call it a slur, some call it offensive and some just call it accurate. What am I talking about?

For a brief period on Thursday, the term “Libtard” trended on Twitter. I’m sure you can figure out which two root words make up that term, but all the same, it’s hilarious that it actually trended.


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People from all walks of the ideological spectrum used the term, which it most likely what made it a trending topic. However, since the left has been proven not to have the ability to meme, here are just a few examples of the funnier “conservative” or “based” posts that contributed to the trend.



Ah, the internet. Every now and then it shows it still has some comedic purpose.


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