Lighten Up Sanchez: Dem Rep. Flips Off GOP Dugout at Congressional Baseball Game

Wallace White | July 29, 2022
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The usually jovial and bipartisan atmosphere of the annual Congressional Baseball game took a more hostile turn thanks to Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez (CA-38) flipped the bird to the Republican dugout as she was returning to the dugout after being substituted for a pinch runner, Outkick reported July 29.

The game was a complete blowout, with Republicans dominating 10-0 over the democrats. The affair is usually a very friendly event, where both sides come together to play ball and attendees cheer on their representatives. Apparently Sanchez didn’t get the memo. 

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Here’s the video from Ryan Saavedra on Twitter:

Guess she was mad that her team was getting blown out for the whole game, and needed to vent her rage. 

Truly a class act.

As Outkick put it well, “If the roles were reversed and a Republican flipped off the Democrats, it would be the biggest story in America for weeks.”


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