Lincoln Project Advisor Calls President ‘Retarded’, Gets Blasted For Hypocrisy

Dan Montanaro | April 1, 2020
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Sophia Nelson, self-proclaimed frequent pundit on CNN and senior advisor with the Lincoln Project, an organization whose mission is “defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box”, received criticism from Twitter Tuesday after retweeting a tweet referring to the president as “retarded”.

The original tweet retweeted by Nelson was posted by one of her Lincoln Project comrades and fellow anti-Trumper, Rick Wilson, who criticized those who claim Trump was distracted from properly responding to the Coronavirus by the impeachment trials. Nelson’s own comment in her retweet read, “They just always got an excuse for his retarded ass!”

Ironically, the Lincoln Project’s official Twitter account had issued a rebuke just last week to Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) for his response to a clip of Nancy Pelosi, calling her retarded.

Cramer apologized for the statement and attributed it to a typo.

Nelson later deleted the tweet after massive backlash from social media. She then tweeted a response from Twitter user Evan Rosenblum as her reason. Rosenblum wrote, “As the father of an amazing special needs child, it breaks my heart to see people continue to hurl the R-word as an insult. Hoping @IAmSophiaNelson can learn from this and be better moving forward.”

Nelson thanked Rosenblum for his insight, and went after the rest of those who had criticized her, characterizing them as a “nasty ass twitter bully mob” as she said, “I want everyone to see this tweet below! It’s all how you come at people. Evan got my attention because he made me pause and go: oh! Wait! I get it. Not the meaning I intended but I see his point. I deleted it. Then came the nasty ass twitter bully mob! My block game is strong!”

Although she deleted the tweet calling the president retarded, Nelson still doubled down and responded to criticism by standing by her statement.

“This is a great hit job you guys are attempting because I called Trump a ‘retarded ass.’ He is that. This has zero reference to disabled or special needs persons. Also, I’m not an office holder.”

It might be too much to hope for any semblance of consistency from the Lincoln Project.

Sources: The Daily Caller, TheBlaze

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