The List: Kathy Griffin Isn't The Only Liberal Who Wants To Kill Those She Disagrees With

Craig Bannister | June 5, 2017
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No, liberals like comedian Kathy Griffin – even liberal teachers, students and parents - aren’t joking about harming President Donald Trump…or anyone else who dares to disagree with them.


Joking about killing conservatives isn’t a joke with many of today’s liberals – even the non-celebrities – they genuinely hate and wish death upon dissenters. And, Kathy Griffin simply let slip their true attitude.


When Kathy Griffin held up a mock, bloody severed head of Pres. Trump, she was just echoing the murderous desires already expressed by other Hateful Hollywood liberals. For example:


  • Sarah Silverman: The entertainer has called for a bloody military coup to overthrow and deal with Pres. Trump.
  • Madonna: This singer says she often thinks about “blowing up the White House.”
  • Snoop Dogg: The rapper acted out his fantasy of assassinating Trump in a music video.
  • Charlie Sheen: Another comedian who says he hopes Trump will die.
  • Mickey Rourke: Hurling vulgar insults at Trump wasn’t enough for this Hollywood liberal, so he says he wants to pummel him with a Louisville Slugger baseball bat.
  • Eddie Griffin: This “comic” has called on his fans to assassinate Trump.
  • Jim Carrey: Another comedian who thinks it’s entertaining to fantasize about pummeling the president. His weapon of choice: a golf club.

And, then, there’s the malicious Hollywood Hate-Speech posing as humor. It’s hate, not humor, when comedians call Trump’s adolescent son a “date-rapist-to-be” and the “country’s first homeschool shooter.”


Late-night host Stephen Colbert’s hatred for conservatives is so intense that he’s abandoned any pretense of being funny, or even clever. He’s used his celebrity public platform to hurl vulgar insults at Trump, including calling him a “redolent turd” and using a crude oral-sex slur.


But, it’s not just Hollywood. Everyday American liberals wish death and harm upon conservatives and moderates, too. Parents, teachers, students - and just your average Liberal Larry - have all engaged in violent behavior and threats out of malice towards anyone with a dissenting point of view:

  • Teacher: There’s this Dallas teacher who shot and posted a video of her “assassinating” Trump in her school classroom.
  • Mother: A mother posted a viral video of her cursing at her seven year-old son and throwing him out of the house for voting for Trump in a mock school election.
  • Students: Claremont McKenna College (California)
  • Students: Berkeley (California)
  • Students: Middlebury College (Vermont)
  • Students: University of Washington
  • Students: University of Chicago
  • Students: UC Davis (California)
  • Miscellaneous Liberals Nationwide: National Review has documented assassination threats made by average (liberal) Americans nationwide, from Chicago and Cleveland to San Diego and San Antonio.

So, no, Kathy Griffin wasn’t kidding about wanting to kill President Trump – she was just being honest about the violent venom and intolerance liberals like her really feel.


As conservative author David Limbaugh advises: let them talk, but LISTEN to what they’re saying.

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