Liz Warren Claim: If She Had A Penis, She’d Be President

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 15, 2022
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The topic of “gender confusion” is becoming increasingly confusing.

And Liz Warren’s latest leap of imagination might be a perfect example. In the olden days, the Democrat Senator from Massachusetts merely identified as an American Indian, doing so at opportune times in her life that one could, maybe, possibly, interpret as underhanded tactics to take advantage of race-based preferential policies in order to get lucrative gigs.

Now, Liz is said to have widened her scope, if not her stance, at least according to a claim made by NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Ali Vitali in her new book, “Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put A Woman In The White House… Yet.

And, be warned, this time, her flight of imagination took a decidedly anatomical turn.

As she closes an insufferably long piece for Politico about Warren's Presidential run Vitali writes:

“We’d talked about the dynamics of Iowa, her competitors and the pressure she put on herself not “to screw this up.” But here and now she offered her plainest view of the landscape yet: “Everyone comes up to me and says, ‘I would vote for you, if you had a penis.’”

Sorry about the language. And apologies for presenting yet another apparent whopper from a woman who seems to serve them up more readily that the dinner shift at Burger King.

But, indeed, hot and steaming off the pen of Vitali comes this remarkable revelation -- one that, of course, no one can verify. A claim, that, if Vitali is to be believed, Warren tossed like chum into the political waters, hoping hungry political sea-dwellers would find it to their liking.

It’s an easy two-fer. If she wins a political contest, she can claim she overcame massive anti-female prejudice. If she loses, then, of course, sexism was the cause.

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In fact, it delivers a third punch, because it not only takes advantage of Cultural Marxist Victim Culture -- wherein every racial/sexual/gender/age/size/etc. niche of culture is portrayed as a victim of capitalist/white/male systemic exploitation, prejudice, inequality, and intimidation – it also reinforces the endless and politically useful narrative.

All, without a shred of proof.

Kind of like her claim of being an American Indian.

Come to think of it, it’s also kind of like Warren’s claim to have been the “first nursing mother to take the New Jersey Bar exam.”

And it’s kind of like her hard-to-believe claim that she was sexually harassed when working at the University of Houston Law Center in the 1970s, a claim that included her tale of being “chased around” her superior’s desk – when, from records at the time, the man she seemed to be describing could barely walk, because he had been a teen victim of polio.

Sure, one might like to cut Warren some slack.

The Blaze’s Carlos Garcia notes that at least ONE person, talk show host Stephen Colbert, made that observation about Warren’s non-male genitalia in March of 2020.

But this is, after all, a time of media-pushed gender confusion, when the government of Canada likely would cite her sex-specific talk as illegal, based on their C-16 statute punishing people for not being fluid with their pronouns when talking to the sexually confused.

And Warren swims with the sharks who tell us there’s no difference between men and women, so her claim to be a victim of one such major difference is a big no-no.

For Warren and anyone else of her ilk, this should be clear: if there are no performative, cognitive, emotional or other differences between men and women, then making spectral claims that one’s loss is due to her the physical reality of her gender undercuts the first assumption. It admits weakness due to chromosomal lottery, due to one’s loins, and, regardless of whether or not one wants to claim that this disadvantage stems from societal prejudice, it still admits a difference between the sexes that, according to the new religion of wokeism, one should be able to, at any time, simply “imagine” and “identify” away.

Of course, much like Warren’s continual support for further encroachments into our earnings and other aspects of our lives, these realities cannot be “wished” away.

The reality is that men and women ARE different. Warren DOES keep messing with our liberty…

And Warren’s stale tales are as tall as the US debt, and seem to be growing apace.



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