Lizzo A** Claps Ego of 17 ‘Activists’ By Sharing Her People's Choice Award

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | December 7, 2022
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Given her, uh "body positivity," it’s easy for Lizzo to butt into territories she doesn’t belong … like politics. 

On Tuesday December 6, the People’s Choice Awards presented professional twerker and pop artist Lizzo with the “People’s Champion” award. She, along with around 20 activists, used the opportunity to push left wokeism down viewers throats.

After receiving the award from her mother Lizzo began her acceptance speech. 

“To be an icon isn’t about how long you’ve been an icon. Being an icon is what you do with that platform.” She then welcomed 17 activists on stage to “share the honor” with her so she could “amplify marginalized voices.” 

Just when I thought I couldn’t like Lizzo any less. 


Lizzo introduced each of the “women” that she shared her award with. 

Some favorites were Emiliana Guereca, who is the founder of the Women’s March foundation. 

Another was a fake woman. Transgender female Jayla Rose Sullivan supposedly earned the award as he is a “professionally trained dancer who is making sure there’s space for transgender and non-binary performers in the dance community.”

“Watch out for that big girl,” Lizzo said. And to that I say, takes one to know one. 

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Lizzo also introduced one woman who’s sister lost her life in the Uvalde school shooting earlier this year. Instead of simply offering sympathy, Lizzo hinted at gun control to combat the “senseless and despicable gun violence that has become far too common.”

Well the next chick I knew was gonna make an appearance. Co-Founder of Shout Your Abortion, Amelia Bonow, appeared with Lizzo's full praises from her work to “normalize abortion.” CRINGE! There’s nothing “normal” about murdering an innocent child. 

Bonow is also trying to “increase awareness of abortion pills and motivate people to work in support of abortion access in their communities,” Lizzo shouted. Bonow also showed off her black clutch with the puff-painted words “ABORTION PILLS FOREVER.”

Another "lady" was introduced as someone who works to “protect reproductive justice” which, based on recent definitions of that phrase, means abortion “rights.”

Lizzo couldn’t have left us with only THAT much leftism. Instead, she had to also share the award with purple-haired Chandi Moore who is a professional “educator” at a children’s hospital to help transgender youth. Imagine introducing yourself to someone and saying “Hi, I’m Chandi and I work to mutilate confused children.”

As a cherry on top, Lizzo presented Breonna Taylor’s own mother with the award. “SAY HER NAME,” Lizzo proclaimed adding that Taylor “was killed in an act of police violence.” 

To no surprise, there were no representatives from the Christian faith, no women who advocate for life but there were biological men. This makes no sense.

People didn’t turn into the People’s Choice awards to get political garbage shoved down their throats. 

Lizzo should just stick to the ass shaking, at least that’s expected behavior from her now. 

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