Lizzo Supports Abortion In Advertisement For Her New Clothing Line

John Simmons | January 24, 2023
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What’s the most effective way to promote your new clothing line in today’s culture? Support abortion, of course!

That’s at least what plus-size pop-star Lizzo thinks, as she announced the arrival of her new brand, “Yitty” (does a more ridiculous product name exist?) on what would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade passing. Her clothing, she says, is a way to elevate the voices of all people who are emotionally broken over not having a federal "right" to murder their babies anymore.

“Yitty is body autonomy. We don’t just liberate our bodies through clothing. We liberate bodies by raising our voices,” the pop star said.

Several other models posed for pictures promoting the clothing, with one, named MAcy, saying she wants to continue to see people normalizing abortion, and that she was only too eager to share her own abortion story.

“I had my abortion when I was 17 years old… I was screamed at every inch of the way,” Macy said. “I’m happy to see people talking more about this. Normalizing saying, ‘I have had an abortion.’ And that’s it.”

There is something fundamentally disturbing about the pro-choice mentality. Not only does it blind those who have abortions from recognizing something that is wrong on every level, but they shout in approval of those who do the same things they do. They are engulfed in erroneous thinking, and double down on their thought process by approving of others who do the same thing.

That is a sick way to live.

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