L.L. Bean Becomes Latest Retailer to Raise Age Limit to 21 for Gun Purchases

Monica Sanchez | March 2, 2018
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Outdoor sporting goods retailer L.L. Bean has become the latest retailer to raise the age limit to 21 for all gun and ammunition purchases at its stores.

"In the wake of this shooting we have reviewed our policy on firearm sales, and we will no longer be selling guns or ammunition to anyone under the age of 21,” the Maine-based company wrote on Twitter.

L.L. Bean joins sporting goods retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods and retail chains Walmart and Kroger who announced age restrictions on gun purchases earlier this week.

Dick’s went a step further and announced that it would no longer be selling “assault-style weapons” and “high capacity magazines” at any of its 35 stores that still carry them.

Other retailers that don’t even sell guns are going the extra mile for publicity and banning products made by companies that make or sell guns.

Outdoor sporting goods store REI and Canadian outdoor retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) this week stopped selling five brands owned by Vista Outdoor because the Utah-based company also owns a gun manufacturer and gun accessory brands, MRCTV reports.

The brands suspended by REI and MEC include Bollé, Bushnell, CamelBak, Camp Chef, and Jimmy Styks.

“Jimmy Styks, by the way, is a stand-up paddleboard company. CamelBak makes hiking gear. Camp Chef makes outdoor cooking equipment and grills. Bollé is a French company that makes sunglasses, ski masks and helmets. Bushnell is an optics company that makes riflescopes…along with binoculars and telescopes for stargazing and nature study,” writes MRCTV.

These retailers certainly won’t be the last to change their policies toward guns as the nation continues to debate gun control and President Trump pushes raising the age limit to 21 for certain firearms purchases, including the most popular rifle in America, the AR-15. 

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