Lone Israeli Protester Chased by Gaza Protesters in LA

Stephen Gutowski | June 2, 2010
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On Memorial day in Los Angeles there was a protest of Israel's actions against the peace flotilla filled with super-peaceful activists whose only desire was to help the poor souls in Gaza and, you know, try to intentionally break a military blockade while attacking Israeli soldiers with knives, metal pipes, and grenades. The interesting thing about this run of the mill far left protest in support of terrorism and mass murder is the lone high school counter protester who showed up to support Israel. This kid has guts (h/t The Right Scoop):

This kid is awesome. He isn't afraid of the nut bag crowd who clearly would love to rip him limb from limb. He is articulate and informed. He kicks a**.

Can I just point something out real quickly here? These incidents where one or a very small number of counter-protesters show up to an event and are viciously attacked or chased away are completely and utterly owned by the left. The right simply doesn't do this.

When has a tea party or other conservative protest ended in an enraged riot because one or a few counter-protesters dared to voice their opinion? Yet there are multiple examples of this at leftist protests. Obviously this is a great example but how about that lone protester that was attacked at the Phoenix protest against the new Arizona immigration law? For that matter the group Protest Warrior has been physically attacked and harassed at nearly every leftist protest they've ever attended.

This is what the far left knows. Intimidation. "You'd better agree with us or we are going to punch you in your fascist face!" they reason. The key to exposing and stopping this tactic is doing exactly what this brave high schooler did.

We need to stand up and show everyone exactly what these far left groups are. Thugs.

The best way to do that is to peacefully and articulately represent the conservative point of view at these events. Don't physically or verbally attack the far left protesters. Just show up and make clear what your position is and why. That's all it takes for these people to show what thugs they are.

Oh... and it's probably a good idea to make sure the police are there to protect you from these peaceful leftists.