LOOK OUT!: First Female D1 Baseball Player Bombs First Pitch At Fenway Park

John Simmons | May 5, 2023
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Feminists in New England collectively slapped their foreheads in disbelief after watching one of their heroes embarrass herself at Fenway Park last night.

Olivia Pichardo was chosen to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Boston Red Sox played the Toronto Blue Jays last night. Pichardo is a woman (or at least, I think she is - ya never know these days), but has been given a roster spot on the Brown University men’s baseball team. She is the first woman to accomplish this feat, and of course, this has scored her many points in the eyes of feminists and progressives who view this as a step toward equality.

This made her an easy candidate to throw out the first pitch for an organization as committed to wokeness as the Red Sox. But it went horribly wrong.

Pichardo stepped up to the pitcher’s mound, wound up to throw, and skipped the ball into the dirt in the right handed batter’s box. She would have broken someone’s toes if a hitter were at the plate.

I think people in nearby Cambridge are still looking for where the ball ended up, because it certainly wasn’t the strike zone.

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As you can imagine, people on the interwebs were quick to make fun of Pichardo’s blunder, a typical move of sports fans who watch someone mess up a first pitch.

They certainly got their fun in, but only for a short time.

NESN, the media company that broadcasts Red Sox games, disabled comments on the above post and blocked any responses that did get published.

NESN prevented people from commenting on this video

Why was this necessary? Do we now have to protect women from criticism if they mess up in the public eye like Pichardo did? I would think that a strong, independent, pioneer of feminism like Olivia - who prides herself on being good at baseball - would be able to take a little bit of flack.

But apparently NESN didn’t think so. In trying to help women, they actually communicated they think women are frail and helpless - how ironic!

At least Pichardo isn’t the only athlete to throw an awful first pitch. MMA star Connor McGregor threw an equally bad one in 2021 at Wrigley Field. You can feel free to make a comment on this post, because that's still allowed there.

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