Lori Trans-foot? Lawsuit Against Chicago Mayor Claims She Said, 'I Have the Biggest D**k in Chicago'

Nick Kangadis | March 4, 2022
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Is there something “Beetlejuice” isn’t telling us?

During the “Summer of Floyd” in 2020, no statue was safe. One statue in particular, that of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, was a specific target of identity politics focused Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Lightfoot fought with Italian-Americans not only over the statue remaining up, but also as to whether the statue could be used in the annual Columbus Day parade — a decades old Italian community staple in Chicago.

Now, according to a defamation lawsuit filed against Lightfoot by former Chicago Park District counsel general George Smyrniotis, Lightfoot is said to have allegedly “berated” the lawyers who made the deal for the Columbus statue to be displayed during the parade, only for Lightfoot to block the deal.

Lightfoot reportedly went on a tirade, primarily laden with references to male genitalia.

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According to WGN (Note: Some strong language):

The lawsuit also claims the mayor used obscene language and called the lawyers “dicks.” The mayor allegedly made the following statement:

“You make some kind of secret agreement with Italians, what you are doing, you are out there measuring your dick with the Italians seeing whose got the biggest dick, you are out there stroking your dick over the Columbus statue, I am trying to keep Chicago Police officers from being shot and you are trying to get them shot.

The lawsuit claims she then went on to say, “My dick is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest dick in Chicago.”

It makes one wonder which of the 8,418 genders Lightfoot identifies as. Does this make her part of the trans community?

Obviously, I’m joking. It’s just funny coming from someone who has shown a vast level of incompetence in keeping those within the city she runs safe.

It’s clear that Lightfoot was allegedly trying to display some level of strength towards her political opponents. But when you have the track record of someone like Lightfoot, it just makes her look silly.