'Love Is Love!': VP Harris Embraces Man in Women's Lingerie During DC Pride Event

Brittany M. Hughes | June 12, 2022
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While the economy's going to hell in a hand basket, gas has officially hit $5 a gallon nationwide, Americans are paying more for everything from housing to food and electricity, and parents can't find baby formula for their infants, Vice President Kamala Harris is spending her days focusing on the important stuff - like hugging drag queens dressed in bikinis and hooker heels.

Harris made a surprise stopover at a Washington, D.C. gay pride event, after which the official vice presidential Twitter account posted a photo of her embracing a scantily-clad man wearing women's lingerie and high heels on stage, along with the caption "Love is love."

The man in question was RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 winner "Symone," born a male named Reggie Gavin. 

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During the event, Harris offered up more of the word salad she's been dishing for the past two years in office, telling the crowd, "We celebrate each other ever day. We celebrate the progress we have made. And we celebrate the fact that we are in this to stand for what we stand for, and fight for what we stand for."


The event also featured such sights as this bare-breasted person twerking next to a police officer...

...and grown men walking other grown men, who were dressed up as dogs, on leashes.

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