Macy's Employee Beaten Bloody Over a Race Hoax Asks Court For Mercy For His Attacker

Brittany M. Hughes | August 13, 2020

In a rare moment of mercy, a Macy’s employee who was beaten bloody by an 18-year-old black man who accused him of using the n-word has asked that his attacker be given a more lenient sentence that won’t brand him a felon for the rest of his life.

Graphic video of the attack went viral back in June, showing Damire Palmer brutally assaulting the Macy’s worker, a white man, inside a Michigan mall. Palmer later told police he was shopping with his brother when he asked the employee a question about a jacket. Palmer said his brother then told him he’d heard the worker call him the n-word on the phone, and that the attack was retaliation for racism. Palmer later changed his story, saying his brother lied to him and that the clerk had never used the slur.

Despite the brutality of the assault, more than a few on the left praised Palmer on social media, including Tariq Nasheed, who called the store employee a “white supremacist” and suggested he deserved the beating.

The assault left the unnamed employee badly hurt and so traumatized that he refused to testify in court against his assailant. Even still, prosecutors say he asked that Palmer be given a sentence more lenient than the 10-year felony for assault with intent to do great bodily less than murder, saying he didn’t want an 18-year-old to be branded a felon for the rest of his life.

From ABC12:

“Basically, you beat this guy so bad he was quite bloody correct?” the assistant prosecutor asked. 

“Yes,” Palmer said.

“And did you know that he has agreed that you should be treated as a youthful offender even though you beat on him like that?” the assistant prosecutor continued. 

“No, I did not know that,” Palmer responded. 

Palmer will be sentenced on Sept. 1, a punishment which could range from simple probation to the full 10 years for felony assault.