Madness Across the Pond: NHS Peddles Dangerous Drug so Trans ‘Women’ Can 'Chest Feed'

Wallace White | June 10, 2022
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With all the chaos going on in these United States, it's important that we see that progressive nonsense is a feature of the wider Western World. The National Health Service in the UK recently linked to a charity that advises trans “women” to take a dangerous drug to help them “breastfeed,” per the Daily Mail’s reporting on June 9. The NHS seems to have been captured by the left, and its health recommendations are now tainted by woke ideology

The drug in question is called Domperidone, which is used as a last-resort option for women who cannot breastfeed their babies. It’s the last resort because it has been known to increase the risk of irregular heartbeats in the babies fed with them, as some of the drugs are present in the milk. Now the drug is being peddled by the NHS and La Leche League, the non-profit in question, to further validate transgenderism.

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According to the Daily Mail and the FDA website, the drug is nearly banned in the United States because of its dangerous side effects and only given in specific circumstances. 

Professor Jenny Gamble, an expert in midwifery at Coventry University, said: 'They are unlikely to produce enough of any fluid to sustain a newborn and we really have no idea about the implications.'

She added that the NHS had its priorities wrong and that it should be doing more to promote breastfeeding in those naturally capable of doing so.  

Le Leche League has advocated for trans issues since 2020, using the word “chestfeeding” so as to include biological men that pose as women. According to its website, “LLLGB supports everyone who wants to breastfeed or chestfeed in reaching their goals. We do not discriminate based on sex, gender, or gender identity.” 

It has been the wisdom of 2000+ years of human history that only biological women breastfeed. Any attempt to subvert this is contrary to the natural order. Liberals will rebel against nature for eternity to suit what they think the world ought to be, even in something as basic and biological as breastfeeding. 

Women breastfeed. Men cannot. It’s that simple.