Maine Students Melt Down After Prof Says There Are Only Two Genders

Brittany M. Hughes | October 10, 2022
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A university in Maine has created a whole new alternative safe space class for students triggered by a professor who dared to state the scientific fact that there are only two genders.

A group of students at the University of Southern Maine felt their world collapse in on itself like a dying star after Education professor Christy Hammer stated in her “Creating a Positive Learning Environment” class on September 7 that there are, in fact, only two genders – a claim supported by basic facts and logic, but which absolutely wrecks leftists who insist without proof that gender is a “spectrum.”

On such “non-binary” student, Elizabeth Leibiger, was so upset that she (he? …it? …no idea) said Hammer’s comments were a “personal attack” - because, as we all know by now, at the center of the universe sits a little bubble of leftist feelings. Hilariously, Leibiger wasn’t actually in class on September 7. Instead, she reportedly resurrected the subject during a class on September 14 – a week later – only to get upset when Hammer reiterated her position that there are only two sexes.

"I asked [Hammer] how many sexes there were," Leibiger said. "She said, ‘Two.’ I felt under personal attack."

It's just like Normandy.

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Oh, but it gets better. According to Fox News, some students actually held a walk-out over the issue, and demanded a “restorative justice meeting” with head of the School of Education and Human Development to push for Hammer’s firing.

Now, to the school’s credit, the administration refused to can the professor. But they did agree to create a new class for students who felt “unsafe” with Hammer,

"We are aware of this situation and are taking steps to provide students with the support needed," Interim Provost Adam Tuchinsky told the Bangor Daily News.

"We have developed an alternative plan for this class and will be opening a new section of this course for those students who would like to move," another university spokesperson added. "The original section taught by professor Hammer will continue for any student who wishes to remain in that class."

Lest you believe all hope is lost, it's worth noting that more than 1,800 other people signed a petition urging the school to stand by Hammer and her position that there are only two sexes. But 21 of 22 students in the professor's class walked out in protest, sparking little hope for the next generation.