Man Claims He Beat Turtle to Death in Self-Defense

Charlie McKenna | July 27, 2016
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Terry Wayne Washington, a 55-year old-man from Austin, has been charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals, hunting without a license, and improper disposal of a carcass, after he beat a turtle to death with a hammer in June.  

Washington and a friend were fishing when the unfortunate turtle got caught on the line. Washington then proceeded to reel the turtle in to unsnag it from the line. However, when the 40 pound snapping turtle was pulled ashore, Washington claims it started to attack him, so he retaliated by beating it to a pulp with a hammer.

Several witnesses of the event were outraged and yelled at Washington, who took refuge under a nearby bridge, taking the shattered turtle carcass with him. When the hubbub died down, he left the scene in his car. The witnesses claim the turtle was entirely peaceful when Washington attacked it unprovoked.

Police later received Washington’s confession to killing the turtle. Washington is currently in custody with a bond set at $5,000.