Marjorie Taylor Greene Says National Divorce ‘a Lot Better’ Option than Civil War

Nick Kangadis | July 22, 2022
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) gets a lot of flack from both the left and right alike. Whether you believe it’s justified or not is up to you, the individual. But during her Thursday evening appearance on the “Timcast IRL” podcast, Greene made a very common sensical statement that most people would probably be onboard with should the political division in the U.S. ever come to a head.

Greene, along with host Tim Pool and other Timcast employees sitting in on the episode, were speaking about the abortion debate when Pool brought up how the right is typically open to compromise, while the left has no room for deviation from their hive mind. That’s when Greene brought up one of Pool’s common topics of conversation, the possibility of a national divorce and/or civil war.

“But I’m also sometimes in favor of a national divorce, because I kinda get tired — I get a little bit sick and tired of the fighting,” Greene said.

After Pool commended Greene for being “fearless” in saying some of the things she ACTUALLY says, Greene expanded on her previous comment.

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“Like, you just fearlessly will say something as potent, I suppose, as sometimes in favor of a national divorce is a powerful thing to say,” Pool said to Greene.

Well, I think it’s a lot better than a war. I don’t ever want to see a war. A civil war would be awful…It seems the divide and just the arguing and the vitriol and the hate, it just keeps building and building and building. And it’s really upsetting. Like, I’ve been in — we were in session all week this week — and it’s nothing but bitter fighting. It’s just constant fighting on extremism and extreme issues. And I just feel like, if we’re to this point, maybe we should consider that you have blue states and we have our red states, and we can all maybe figure out how to get along and talk again after we separate a little bit.

Following a few seconds of joking around and bringing up different outlets across political spectrum framing Greene as a civil war monger, Green reiterated her anti-war stance.

“Oh, no. I never want a war,” Greene added. “You want to know why? All these gung-ho people older than me, if they think they’re going to fight the civil war — sorry, old, out-of-shape people. You aren’t going to be the one doing it. You know who it’s going be? It’s going to be my kids, and I don’t want that. And I think that’s wrong. We want a good future for our children.”

Think what you want. Greene makes some good points. And just for context, she’s not advocating for a national divorce or a civil war. Greene is merely pointing out that one is better and less dangerous for the youth of this country — and everyone else — than the other.

For the clip of Greene’s comments in full context of the conversation, watch below:


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