Mark Levin Asks the ‘Question That Is Never Asked About Reparations’

Craig Bannister | May 18, 2023
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With California considering a plan to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in reparations for the practice of slavery abolished generations ago, commentator and Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin asks a question that’s being ignored in the debate about reparations.

“Enough already. California, a free state that never dealt with slavery, has embarked on a mission to disembowel its economy,” Levin writes on his Rumble page, introducing his video titled, “The Marxist Reparations Agenda”:

“Under the guise of reparations for slavery, their committee is proposing to pay over $800 Billion dollars to black Americans who they say were disenfranchised by the slavery of past generations.”

California was not even a slave state, Levin notes. Nonetheless, “The Democrat Party cannot have a united country. It cannot have peace. It has to stir up its base,” so Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom created a reparations commission, Levin says:

“The hate, the vile, the division that this stuff causes, that the Democrat Party causes – I just worry about this country. I don’t know how we’re ever going to be united, because the Democrat Party cannot have a united country. It cannot have country at peace. It has got to stir the pot, or it can’t get its base out or it can’t get its votes.”

Levin then dares to ask a question never broached by leftist reparations advocates:

“Let me ask this question that is never asked about paying reparations:

“Who’s going to pay the hundreds of thousands who died during the Civil War to end slavery, who never owned a slave, who never supported slavery: the soldiers of the North? Who’s going to pay their families reparation? They paid the ultimate price: they died.”

“Now, there’s no excuse for slavery,” Levin says – but, “There’s no other country that had that civil war, none, for the purpose of ending slavery.”

“And, there’s no way that I’m going to buy into this Marxist attack on the greatest country on the face of the Earth,” he concludes.