Mark Levin Lists ‘Ruling Class Thugs Who Make Up the Cabal Trying to Imprison Trump’

Craig Bannister | August 21, 2023
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On Monday, conservative commentator and Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin took to social media to list and expose some of “ruling class thugs” breaking and bending the law in their efforts to imprison Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump.

“And these are but a few of the ruling-class thugs who make up the cabal trying to imprison Trump,” Levin wrote in one post, introducing his list:

  • “Hunter Biden should be in prison.”
  • “Joe Biden should be in prison.”
  • “Hillary Clinton should be in prison.”
  • “Jack Smith should've been disbarred for his past unethical (and worse) abuses of prosecutorial power.”
  • “Eric Holder was never held to account for arming the Mexican drug cartels.”
  • “James Comey was never held to account for his efforts to sabotage the incoming Trump administration.”
  • “Nancy Pelosi attempted multiple coups against Trump, including two phony impeachments and the January 6 Stalinist committee.”
  • “In 2016, congressional Democrats objected to counting all the electors on the House floor in an attempt to overturn the presidential election and install Hillary.”
  • “The corrupt Democrat Party-media assisted these thugs every step of the way (Russia collusion and all the rest).”
  • “The DA in Manhattan is a lapdog for George Soros.”
  • “The DA in Fulton County, GA, whose father was part of the violent Black Panther movement, is a Democrat hack.”


In a separate social media post of a video clip from Sunday’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Host Levin goes into detail, explaining the secret abuses of prosecutorial power, violations of civil rights and Justice Department rules, and false charges the thugs are employing against Trump.

Levin condemns the corruption of “All these secret trial activities going on” and being used to rig the outcome of Trump’s cases - such as stripping the former president of Attorney-Client Privilege and Executive Privilege”:

“Trial by secrecy, in a Democrat courtroom, with a Democrat judge, a Democrat prosecutor, a Democrat grand jury, Democrat future jury.”

In particular, Levin notes how a secret search warrant was granted to allow the government to seize all communications (including private communications) the former president had on Twitter:

“Now, why was that done in secret? The bogus argument: ‘Well, if he finds out that we’re looking at his Twitter account, he may flee the country.’

“Yeah, he’ll leave his family, he’ll leave Mar a Lago, he’ll leave it all. He’ll just flee the country. Now, how ridiculous is that?”

Levin goes on to explain how corrupt prosecutors are using irrelevant statutes, as well as inventing and piling on countless charges - because they want the juries to be able to find just a single one they can use to justify convicting Trump - the front-running candidate to be Republicans’ 2024 nominee for president.