'Genderbread Person' Causes Controversy in High School Psychology Class

Marya Dunning | March 28, 2024
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Asking minors about their sexual orientations is wrong. Even when the "Genderbread Person" does it.

Some teachers at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas don’t seem to understand this, however.

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One student, 17-year old Shay Cundiff, is taking a dual enrollment psychology class. She said that the teacher gave her an assignment depicting a gingerbread man, known as the “Genderbread Person,” asking students about their sexual and romantic orientations, among other things.

“It made me feel uncomfortable and distasteful,” the student said. “We had to fill out our information on a paper based off of what we identify as and what we’re sexually and romantically attracted to.”

The Genderbread Person lesson plan instructs teachers to ask students questions such as, “How much woman-ness do you identify with? How much man-ness? Maybe neither?”

KPRC-TV reports:

Not only are Cundiff’s parents upset, but so is District 11 State Senator, Mayes Middleton.

He mentioned that in Texas, gender modification of minors is against the law under Texas Senate Bill 14, and he believes this curriculum promotes it.

“That is not right,” Middleton said. “I’m looking at it with our State Board of Education members and to me it sure looks like they’re advocating for something that’s illegal.”

Senator Middleton says he was told by a State Board of Education member the curriculum was developed by Planned Parenthood.

Call me old-fashioned, but isn’t using a psychology class to confuse students a bit counterproductive?

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