A Leftist Called For Biden's Murder, and This Lib Is Mad...at the Media For Naming Him

Marya Dunning | March 28, 2024
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Apparently, an outlet publishing a statement that somebody made in front of a crowd amounts to targeting that person.

“Why did The Atlantic just target a 23-year-old student and non-public figure by full name in a way that seems intended to endanger them?? Extremely irresponsible,” Bloomberg editor Graham Starr wrote on X. 

Who is this person who The Atlantic apparently targeted? Hamza El Boudali, a Stanford graduate student who openly gave a speech calling for the assassination of the President of the United States.

No, you can’t make this up.

El Boudali stated - publicly, for all to see - that he’d “be happy if Biden was dead” and referred to him as “guilty of mass murder" of Palestinians in Gaza.

“I’m not calling for a vigilante to do it,” he clarified (because that makes it so much better, right?), and suggested that, instead, the President should be “bombed and drone striked” like a “terrorist with darker skin would be.”

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But according to some leftists like Starr, the problem wasn't El Boudali saying Biden should be murdered - it was the fact that the Atlantic published his name.

Now, imagine if El Boudali were a pro-Israel student calling for Biden’s assassination over his criticism of Netanyahu. The left, rightfully so, wouldn’t infantilize him the same way that Starr has.

Why the double standard? Such a mystery.

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