Network Illegally Ships Abortion Pills Around the Country

Marya Dunning | March 29, 2024
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I thought that the DIY HRT Network was bad, but this is so much worse.

The name Plan C sounds innocuous enough at first glance. However, a quick look around the site’s front page reveals something much more sinister - a network of sites illegally shipping abortion pills around the country.

An investigation by The Daily Wire reveals that anybody, regardless of age or state restrictions, can purchase abortion pills without a prescription.

Pill listings are often given sickening names such as “Antipreg Kit” and “Unwanted-kit,” and the pills usually cost less than $100.

Hypothetically, the only thing standing between a child trafficker and covering up their crime by forcing their victim to have an abortion is $100, thanks to this network.

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If that’s not bad enough, the network encourages women to lie to their doctors about taking the pills and instead say that they are experiencing a miscarriage.

Not only is it dangerous to encourage people to lie to their doctors, but this advice has the potential to do harm to women legitimately experiencing miscarriages. If women make a pattern of lying about miscarrying when, in reality, they have had an abortion, people will be less likely to believe women who have actually miscarried.

On top of all this, Plan C has a merch store. Yes, a merch store complete with products adorned with cutesy drawings and slogans such as “abortion pills are magic” and “know your Plan C.”

I wish we could go back to a time when we all agreed that killing your unborn baby isn’t an occasion to get celebratory merchandise from a sketchy website.


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