Princeton Students Triggered By (Checks Notes) Gorillas

Marya Dunning | April 11, 2024
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Yes, this is the highest-ranked university in the United States. Why do you ask?

The Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) at Princeton University recently sent faculty a letter regarding what they called “discriminatory material” in the school's French language curriculum. Surprisingly, the material in question had nothing to do with the French language being gendered, but the complaint was somehow even more ridiculous.

In the letter, students cried "racism" because a slideshow showed photos of gorillas and asked students whether certain adjectives (large, blonde, etc.) applied to the gorillas. In a completely separate slide following the gorilla pictures, the lesson showed a picture of the Obamas, asking students if they are married.

If you fail to see the racism here, you’re not alone. 

If you thought that imaginary racism caused enough mental turmoil for students, imagine how it felt be told that this imaginary racism is, well, imaginary. That’s precisely what graduate student Herve Goerger experienced when he decided to speak out against the “racism” in the curriculum, only to be told to “choose [his] battles.”

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Everybody knows that the worst thing that you can do to the woke is to tell them to calm down, and Goerger was no exception, claiming that the school's get-over-it response to his allegations “aggravated a general anxiety disorder.”

Of course, the school eventually caved to the YDSA’s demands, stating that, though the slides “were released out of context,” “Princeton’s Department of French & Italian acknowledges the slides may have inadvertently caused offense and has taken the entire deck out of use.”

I thought college - especially at Ivy League schools - was supposed to be challenging.

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