Queering the Ocean: The Latest Project of the Biden Administration

Marya Dunning | April 4, 2024
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Have you ever watched a marine biology documentary and wondered if there was sufficient LGBTQ+ representation among the scientists?

Yeah, me neither. 

However, the Biden administration’s Department of Interior (DOI) seems to think that this is of importance.

In an email obtained by The Daily Wire, the DOI not only announced a "Transgender Day of Visibility" to coincide with the most important holiday on the Christian calendar, but also stated that “[t]he Department will mark this important occasion by showing a short documentary called ‘Diving for Rays: A Queer Conservationist’s Story.”

As interesting as it would be to watch a documentary about diving for rays, why can’t it just be about…wait for it…diving for rays? Stingrays are much more interesting than a marine biologist’s sexual orientation or "identity." 

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The movie tells the story of Nicole Morris, a queer-identifying woman who, for some reason, did not think that she could be a marine biologist because she was only exposed to “documentaries that had the perspectives of straight men.”

In a trailer for the film, Morris talks about her “inner child” and says that she “never imagined studying sharks and rays” because she had “never truly seen [herself] in this field as a queer woman.”

With chronically underperforming schools, a failing economy, and a crisis at the border, it’s good to know that the Biden administration has its priorities in order.

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