Slavery, 2.0: Boston Woman Finds 'Personal Chef' In Haitian Migrants She's Hosting

Marya Dunning | February 13, 2024
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They really were not lying when they said that history repeats itself.

In a viral clip, a Boston woman who opened up her home to recent border-jumpers discussed hosting a Haitian migrant family, part of the state's efforts to offload migrants from overwhelmed shelters to residents' personal property.

“It’s a delight,” the hostess, identified in reports as "Lisa," said. “It’s really fun having them. What I’ve realized is that there’s so much prejudice against refugees, mostly ‘cause people don’t know them.”

The state is currently asking residents to take in some of the tens of thousands of migrants who've made their way to Boston after coming across President Joe Biden's open border, after lean-to shelters set up in local rec centers where underprivileged children used to play quickly maxed out under the surge of illegal aliens pouring into the city.

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But wait, there’s more.

Lisa also said that she “feels like she has her own personal chef” in the Haitian migrant woman, who “loves cooking" while living in her home. 

So, this woman imported a Black family to her property and is benefiting from their unpaid labor in her house.

Didn’t there used to be a word for that?