Mass Media Fall Farther than Mrs. Clinton

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 13, 2016
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People can tolerate a lot of frustration. We tend to be forgiving. But for most everyone, there come points in interpersonal relationships and communication when people exclaim, as character Howard Beale of the 1976 motion picture “Network” yelled, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more!

Perhaps September 11, 2016 was one such day for many people watching NBC News, for on that day, just moments after Hillary Clinton passed out and collapsed into the hands of five carriers/caretakers/guards and was dragged into her van, NBC News anchor Lester Holt burrowed his way up from the slanted-news sewers to “report” the incident.

Of course, when one writes “report” in this case, the context really means, “cover up as much as possible.”

Within minutes of the event being captured on phone-cam and posted all over the web, Mr. Holt offered a pure fantasy about the incident to hundreds of thousands of viewers:

"It has been unseasonably hot and humid in the New York area the past few days," he said, which was true -- regarding the days until September 10. But then he added, "And our folks at ground zero tell us those were the conditions this morning."

This was just a lie. He works in NYC, mere blocks from where Mrs. Clinton passed out. He knew the weather had changed the day before. It was seasonable Sunday, with a light, dry wind and normal temps for the time of year. The heat had broken a day earlier. Anyone living in the area knew this.

One doubts that Mr. Holt (who will moderate one of the Presidential debates) was fed lines by a campaign. He was working off the cuff, on the fly. So one has to ask: How can people so reflexively lie to smooth over a problem? It's pathological and childish. Don't folks grow up after they turn five or six?

Evidently not.

For weeks prior to the NYC incident, real reporters in alternative media had observed not only Mrs. Clinton’s health troubles, but also how the pop media have been whitewashing the Chosen One’s medical problems. The pop media responded with name-calling, labeling “conspiracy nuts” those who had reported for weeks on her falling into coughing fits and dropping off the campaign trail. Pop media pundits claimed alternative media reports of her problems were politically motivated in order to help her GOP opponent.

And even after the world saw her in so much physical distress that she lost the conscious ability to stand or walk and had to be lifted to her van, the pop media tried to massage the narrative.

Now, we’re told she has “pneumonia” and is taking antibiotics. But if she is taking antibiotics, that means she has bacterial pneumonia, which is very contagious. Why, then, would she visit not only her daughter, but her infant granddaughter, and then hug a young girl out on the sidewalk?

Mrs. Clinton and her slack-jawed lackeys in the pop media are now telling us she “powered through” the 9-11 memorial ceremony, and got dehydrated. Mrs. Clinton says she doesn’t drink enough water, even though she claimed in 2008 that she had stopped drinking diet sodas and drank lots of water instead.

And now, the venerable lefty rag the Boston Globe is promoting a narrative that, again, deflects from the dishonesty of her team and the pop media that has assiduously avoided her problems all summer long. The Globe editors, rather than use resources to look at the long line of alternative media reports of her health issues going back months, is promoting the canard that Mrs. Clinton might be the target of a poisoning attack by the Russian government!

Seriously? Talk about conspiracy theories.

No apologies for the name-calling. No mea culpas for actively attacking those who reported what was plainly visible for anyone who wanted to look and honestly try to assess why Mrs. Clinton was having trouble. The pop media are shamelessly marching on. In fact, MSNBC, when it reported on Mrs. Clinton’s trouble, didn’t even use any photo from the incident. Instead, the editors there used a photo of her later getting into the van outside her daughter’s residence. For anyone merely scrolling through and not reading their tiny caption, it would have looked like her “health issue” was minor.

It was not, and it has not been minor for many, many weeks.

Pleas from members of the alt-press to pay attention and see what is happening have been met by some as “piling on.” “The news media did report her health problems!” they might say.  “We heard all about that blood clot she had when she was supposed to testify about Benghazi.”

But. this misses the point. The point is that subsequent health problems have been covered up, and only the alternative media have bothered to notice it and report it.  For their efforts, they have been labeled “conspiracy theorists” and accused of political motivation.

Was Drew Pinski politically motivated a few weeks ago when he mentioned her health problems?

Clearly not, and even if he were, shouldn’t proper attention be given if there is fire beneath that smoke?

The left-dominated pop media have been shown to be very willing to lie and cover up the truth. September 11, 2016 was the latest and most egregious example of it. Perhaps now, people will not take it any more.

Editor's Add-On: Speaking of "falling," a new Gallup poll shows Americans' trust in mass media has tumbled to an all-time low.