Mass Shooting In NY Leaves 2 Dead, 14 Injured Despite 'Gun Control Statutes'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 21, 2020
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Will Cleveland, of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, reports that two young people were shot to death and another 14 were injured by gunfire early Saturday morning in what Cleveland describes as the “largest Rochester shooting in memory.”

But, according to unconstitutional New York gun statutes, none of this happened.

That’s because, beyond the fact that New York already “bans” murder, violent assault, and attempted murder, the “gun statutes” banned what the still-at-large suspects used and did with their firearms.

If some take this as flippant, they might want to realign their view of flippancy. It is the politicians and bureaucrats who passed the unconstitutional NY State firearms restrictions and their grandiose claims that such statutes would stop criminally minded people, it is THEY who have been flippant and shown such disregard for the rights and lives of others.

’This is truly a tragedy of epic proportions,’ (Acting Police Chief Mark) Simmons said at a 3:45 a.m. news briefing at the scene. ‘Sixteen victims is unheard of, and for our community, who's right now going through so much, to have to be dealt with this tragedy, needlessly, for people who decide to act in a violent manner is unfortunate and shameful, and we're going to do everything that we can as a department to bring those people involved to justice.’

But if one looks at the Unites States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) website, one sees in detail the unconstitutional gun restrictions NY politicians have passed in their statehouse.

Those include a limit of seven rounds of ammo in a magazine.

Which, in all likelihood, means that the shooters, if there were two, were over their “legal limit,” unless one of them carried a second gun or re-loaded. So, clearly, the shooters could not have fired enough times to hit sixteen people, because that was pretty much illegal.


And about them “carrying” guns…

USCCA also notes that New York State:

Concealed carry is only legal with a New York Pistol License (NYPL). NY State prohibits any state resident without a NYS Pistol License, over the age of 21, from possessing a handgun at all. Not in their home, not outside, unloaded or loaded… Those between 14 and 21 have a special exemption under PL 265.20 to possess a handgun at a range under the guidance of an instructor or trained adult. The handgun must be legally registered to that adult.


But, perhaps they “open-carried.” After all, they likely had to brandish the weapons, unless they hid them beneath jackets, or something.

Strangely, New York State made sure that couldn’t happen, either, because, well, the magic of its political “gun statutes” says so. Here’s the news on open-carry, from the USCCA:

New York State law is extremely vague on open carry. Open carry in public is not legal in most instances. While no law specifically bans open carry, a pistol license to carry is issued to carry concealed.

So, yeah, that’s probably not going to happen, either, because, well, politicians said so.

It sure is great to know that criminally-minded people have been stopped by statutes that only the lawfully-minded abide.

The relatives of those lost and those who might still be in danger of injury or death at the hands of these armed thugs likely will thank the politicians for passing their pieces of paper that criminals care not to read.