Maui Revelations: There Were Widespread Power-Grid Malfunctions Just Before Wildfires Raged

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 21, 2023
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Don’t let political apologists tell you that it is inappropriate to criticize either the insane “official response” – during and after -- the Maui wildfires or the command-and-control bureaucratic assumption of property and power (literal and figurative) that led to the still-unfolding horror.

Already, reports confirm that Maui’s communistic “Natural Resources” water controller, M. Kaleo Manuel would NOT “permit” increased use of water to fight the rapidly spreading flames… a hint that the very concept of a government-formed “Natural Resources Director” is a bad idea, negating the crucial axiom that only individuals can define what is resourceful to them and apply a price to it in free market trade. Reports also confirm that the auditory emergency siren system was shut off, and, instead, the government relied on an online/cell-based warning system that not only would not function if the power grid went down (as it did), but also would not be generally alarming for people who might not be online at the start.

Reports also confirm that police blocked avenues of escape, and that, after the fires, government-run “emergency management” not only was not providing assistance, but that – as occurred in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina – the “official” channels blocked private aid from helping those in need.

And now, even as Mayor of Maui County Richard Bissen flippantly dismisses pointed questions at public appearances, then abruptly ends the meetings, independent parties are uncovering more damning information about not only the seemingly inhuman way the government is dealing with residents and reporters, but also the government set-ups and ideologies that, more and more, appear to have been the triggers for the tragedy.

Hawaii NewsNow reports that the centralized government power grid went haywire just before the fires were seen.

“While the official cause of the Lahaina fire has not yet been determined, the focus appears to be centering around Hawaii’s largest power utility.

Now an independent company has come forward with new information it says reveals dozens of power grid malfunctions, adding those equipment failures likely sparked multiple fires.

The data was collected by a network of smart sensors called Ting.”

Ting being a product of HSB Applied Technology Solutions and Whisker Labs to “detect very early indicators of electrical fires, helping to prevent them before they start.”

Many pro-liberty commentators have been critical of the concept of government-run power grids and government claiming to “own” and “manage” land (which was MIS-managed land left as fuel, waiting for sparks from the government-run powerlines, as has been shown, prior to the wildfires there in Maui, in California, and in Oregon). And now, it appears that we have been given even more evidence about these noxious and immoral political practices.

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In part, this is revealed by the fact that Ting not only shows a widespread system malfunction that supports local accusations and a lawsuit against the Maui power monopoly for causing the fire, Ting became more widely used in Maui as its centralized power authority pushed to get people onto so-called “smart meters.”

The move goes back at least eight years, to when the entire state government of Hawaii pushed its creeping “green agenda” and with, in part, a policy called “JumpStartMaui,” something that tech-provider Hitachi outlined at the time in a saccharine collectivist video and in text:

“The goal of JUMPSmartMaui is to demonstrate smart grid technologies that will enable the efficient use of renewable energy and will contribute to the implementation of a low-carbon social infrastructure system in island regions. The demonstration site has been designed to respond to rapidly changing demands in the renewable energy market through the use of electric vehicles (EV) and other innovative technologies.”

“Innovative” having no direct connection to “useful,” “productive,” or “safe” – all of which are qualities that have to be defined by individuals in the market, not bureaucrats, politicians, and the corporations they favor.

But why change course? After all, government doesn’t have to worry about liability the way that private parties have to. And government doesn’t have to worry about wasting other people’s money on pie-in-the-sky Climate Cult idiocy going wrong or wasting cash. Politicians and their crony friends simply can legislate that they get more money and control, even as they push unsupported narratives about so-called “anthropogenic climate change” that shift real resources into wasteful and dangerous schemes like island-wide smart-grids and the forced shift away from safer, cheaper petrochemicals for power and mobility.

According to HawaiianNewsNow, the Ting technology shows a dark pattern indicating that the government-granted electric power monopoly screwed-up by not handling lands and powerlines properly, and that something went wrong within the power grid, itself.

“On Aug. 7, at 10:47 p.m., surveillance video captured an explosion outside the Maui Bird Conservation Center — located in Upcountry Maui off Olinda Road.

Minutes later, flames were recorded burning in the tree line.

‘If you look at the Ting data, all the sensors in that area. Ten sensors. Measured at that very instant a sharp drop in voltage. That is the actual fault occurring on the electrical grid,’ (Ting CEO Bob) Marshall said.

A fault is defined as an abnormal electric current caused by some sort of equipment failure. Examples include a transformer exploding, a fallen power line or when two lines touch.”

Eyewitnesses describe similar problems, due to the power system.

“’Just looking at the sensors in Lahaina there were 34 faults measured between the 11 o’clock Monday (night) time frame and the 5 a.m. time period when they went offline. And those were increasing in frequency and severity,’ Marshall said.

Around the same time Ting data indicated that power outage, a Lahaina man captured video of a down power line outside his home after he says he was awoken by howling winds.

'I heard a pop coming across the street,' said Shane Treu."

And these downed lines often were cited by locals as the rationale police gave them for blocking escape routes, even as the fires bore down and the government made it illegal to get fire-suppressing water.

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And it gets worse, because, even as one faces the stark shocks of the immediate government errors, the years of acted-upon collectivist ideology rear-up to confront us.

Do not allow politicians and pop-media sycophants of this Climate Cult/Social-Environmental-Governance/World Economic Forum/collectivist scandal direct attention away from their ideology in practice. Do not let them escape from the fact that Maui long ago embarked on its collectivist, “smart city”/”fifteen-minute city” plans and that leftist Hawaii, overall, adopted its 2030 “sustainable development” plan in alignment with those collectivist schemes of Joe Biden, Clause Schwab, and the WEF. Do not let them escape the fact that Hawaii was named as one of the WEF’s models to “run entirely on clean energy” (clean being the collectivist euphemism for electric power generated by expensive, unreliable, dangerous – and carbon-needing) wind and solar run through POWER LINES that the government controls, and which, as we have seen, typically are stretched over government-claimed lands that the bureaucrats have no incentive to husband properly. And do not allow them to escape the fact that in 2021, Hawaii announced that it was going to finalize the closure of its last coal-based power plant to see the state power focused on a GIANT BATTERY that (shhh, don’t tell anyone) would have to be energized by the burning of Diesel fuel.

People around the world are being played by political hacks and deceitful demagogues. People in Maui are trying to tell us about the results of these policies and the philosophies of control that undergird them.

Let’s listen, and turn away from collectivism and force, to embrace freedom, private property, truth, and peace.