Maxine Waters Compares Trump To 'Kim Jong-Oom,' 'Validimore Putin'

Nick Kangadis | February 26, 2018
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Just when you think the Left can’t possibly get any dumber, Rep. Maxine Waters comes to their rescue and raises the bar for stupidity.

Waters spoke at the California Democrats State Convention in San Diego over the weekend, and — as she is prone to do — didn’t have the most flowery of words to say about President Trump. But, it wasn't her criticism of Trump that's receiving attention. Heck, she disparages the president on a daily basis. No, Waters is receiving attention for her peculiar use of other world leader's names.

These missteps clearly weren't typos. Waters legitimately couldn't pronounce their names.

Here’s video of her comments:

Did you catch that? It kind of helps the credibility of an argument when actually know the name of the person you’re comparing the person you hate to.

Here’s part of what Waters said:

My gun is bigger than your gun. My rocket is more powerful than your rocket. And, on and on and on. All I see is two heads of state Donald Trump and Kim Jong Oom, both who have questionable agenda’s and questionable health.

With the constant hateful — and really moronic — comments that Waters makes on what seems like a weekly basis now, there might eventually be cause to question her own mental “health.”

Say it with me, Mrs. Waters: Kim Jong-un, or “Oon.”

But that wasn't the only major flub Waters inserted into her self-righteous blathering. The California representative also called out Trump for not publicly criticizing Russian President "Validimore Putin."

Here's video of Waters talking about someone named "Validimore":

Oh, sweetie. It's Vladimir. You can do it! I believe in you. Just completely change how you're saying a major world leader's name.