Maxine Waters: ESG Is 'Inevitable…We Have to Do it in Order to Save This Planet,' ‘Everyone Is Going to Have to Participate’

Craig Bannister | July 14, 2023
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American companies and citizens must be forced to accept and practice radical liberal ESG (environmental, social and governance) ideology “in order to save this planet,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) claimed Wednesday.

Waters was discussing the several hearings that Republicans will hold in July, which they have dubbed “ESG Month,” to expose the harmfulness and injustices of ESG – which dictates company policies and attempts to drive disliked industries out of business, often at the expense of Americans’ retirement accounts.

Succumbing to ESG isn’t going to be optional, despite the American public’s growing objection to it, Waters declared ESG “inevitable.”

Resistance if futile, because “everyone is going to have to participate,” the congresswoman added.

Americans “are going to have to have ESG,” Rep. Waters said:

“[I]t's inevitable that everyone is going to have to participate in dealing with the environmental crisis, social activity, and of course, corporate governance. And so, even if these attempts to deny or to delay are taking place, in the final analysis, we are going to have to have ESG.”

ESG must be inflicted on American citizens and businesses “in order to save this planet,” Rep. Waters claimed, without explanation:

“We're going to fight back against these attempts to deny, destroy the whole idea of environmental, social, and governance – but, we have to do it in order to save this planet.”

In the practice of ESG, companies are coerced by banks and investors to adopt liberal social policies, and detrimental environmental and governance policies, under the threat of being denied loans and investments.

Additionally, ESG-activist investment managers try to starve disliked industries, like those that produce traditional energy, by refusing to invest their clients’ money in them – even if they produce the highest rates of return.

In her interview, Rep. Waters also revealed Democrats plans to force companies to share their private data – so, the government can tell them how to “make good decisions”:

“We're developing legislation, and one of the things I have in mind is transparency we have some companies who are, you know, doing their own type of data collection and analysis and we want to see what kind of things they're coming up with. 

“We have the data, the third parties that is being developed and we want to have access to that and we want corporate America to have access to that. So that they could use this data to make good decisions with.”