McCarthy: ‘President’s Ministry Of Truth’ Must Be Dismantled

Eric Scheiner | May 11, 2022
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy didn’t hold back about his concerns regarding the “Disinformation Governance Board” assembled under Joe Biden to be headed by the bizarre Nina Jankowicz.

"The President's Ministry of Truth is just an un-American abuse of power. It's a scheme conjured up by Washington Democrats to grant themselves the authority to control free speech. They fear Americans having unfettered access to information because it will challenge the power that they want to have over people's lives. And we already know what they will do with that control. They will manipulate the facts and discredit the truth when it's inconvenient for their narrative,” McCarthy told reporters on Wednesday.

“Just remember what we saw. The Russian collusion hoax. We saw it with the Hunter Biden laptop when they knew what the truth was and months later they finally wanted to come forward. And we saw it throughout COVID when liberals discredited facts that ended up prolonging lockdowns and school closures.

If there is any doubt about this, that Biden administration intends to exploit this office and manipulate information. You look no further to the person he selected. Spend a moment - Nina Jankowitz.

She championed government lockdowns going as far as saying ‘force away and lock us down’. And she actively worked and spread misinformation that now has been proven false. And they want to put her in charge. This person has no business serving in government, much less given a role to monitor information. President Biden's Disinformation Governance Board must be completely dismantled.”

Over 20 state Attorneys General have threatened legal action against the Biden administration if the Disinformation Governance Board is not disbanded.

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