Medal of Honor Recipient on London Attack: No Room for Political Correctness – ‘It’s Time to Get Busy’

Monica Sanchez | June 5, 2017
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This U.S. Marine veteran and Medal of Honor recipient has some choice words for bureaucrats unwilling to recognize radical extremism for what it is.

Dakota Meyer in an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning argued that there is no room for political correctness in the war on terror.

In response to the London terror attack on Saturday that left seven people dead, 48 injured, Meyer said that acts of terror will continue to happen “until we do something to stop it.”

He argued that political correctness only hurts the U.S. in the face of extremism.

"The last administration wouldn't even call this radical Islam," Meyer said. "This isn't a war on Muslims, Christians. It's not a war on one religion. This is a war on terrorism."

"It's time to get busy," he said.

Meyer praised President Trump for calling out the threat of radical extremism for what it is.

"We have a man there who is not a bureaucrat ... who's going to be there to protect our country and puts our country first," he said.

He added that America has “plenty of men and women who will wear the nation’s cloth and who are willing to go over and do this a—kicking that needs to be done.”

“Don’t underestimate who we are or our resiliency to fight … or our willingness to bring … the gates of hell on you,” said Meyer. “That’s what makes us the greatest country on the face of the planet.”

Check out the interview below.


H/T Fox News Insider

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