Media: GOP Voters Are ‘Roaches’ – Don’t Speak ‘Common Tongue’ On Inflation | Wacky MOLE

Eric Scheiner | November 4, 2022
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:


They can’t talk about the economy, crime, the border any real issues - so the leftist media continued their refusal to fact check Joe Biden and parroted this speech claiming that “democracy is on the ballot” if voters don’t back the Democratic Party!

While the media proclaims that democracy is endangered by waves of “election denial” and “conspiracy theories,” they ignore Hillary Clinton’s video claiming that “right-wing extremists” are planning to “literally steal the next presidential election.”

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This week Sunny Hostin, a co-host of ABC’s The View, claimed white Republican women are “roaches” if they vote Republican.

All the leftist media avoided mentioning certain facts about David DePape, the man who allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi. Instead they just kept trying to relate any acts of violence to Donald Trump. Who needs facts when there is an agenda to push?



For a look at these moments of media madness, watch the video above.

For a complete rundown on leftist media lunacy, check out NewsBusters.

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