Media Hails Carl Nassib For Being First Openly Gay Player In NFL Game

John Simmons | September 14, 2021
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Week 1 of the 2021-2022 NFL season concluded with a thrilling duel between the hosting Las Vegas Raiders escaping with a win in overtime over the Baltimore Ravens 33-27.

But apparently, the really important storyline was that the first openly gay NFL player participated in a game.

Carl Nassib, a second-year defensive lineman for the Raiders, came out as gay In June this past summer, becoming the first player to openly announce he is gay. On Monday night, he continued his crusade to make football a “safe space” for people in the LGTBQ+ community by being the first gay player in action.

"Had a lot of people come before me in the LGBTQ community that helped me get to where I am. I'm super thankful for that,” Nassib said after the game. “I can't wait to get to Pittsburgh next week and keep this thing going."

When Nassib first made his “coming out” announcement via Instagram, NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell and countless other people on social media hailed him as a hero. Unfortunately, that narrative will probably only gain more traction as the season progresses.

And that is not a good thing. The media and the NFL have routinely supported the left-leaning causes taking root within the sport, which will likely grow in the following weeks thanks to the recent developments regarding Nassib.

As is the case with most causes the NFL supports, they will jam that propaganda down your throat until it becomes at least normalized that this is the way football will operate, if not outright accepted.

The one-two punch of the media and the NFL used their resources to try to make you think that racism was the biggest issue in our country and that America needed to be fundamentally changed, stenciling social justice message in endzones and helmets and pledging $250 million to social justice causes. They also lauded Colin Kaepernick when he said that most police killings are racially motivated and intended to oppress black people in 2016 and encouraged the blatant disrespect of our national anthem before games.

This is the same league and media that gave Tim Tebow flack for being a Christian during his playing days. Furthermore, they ripped apart Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva – a retired Army veteran – for standing for the national anthem in 2017 before a game against the Chicago Bears while his teammates distastefully stood in the tunnel during the national anthem.

It is abundantly clear that the NFL does not support faith-based, American-loving, conservative values, but favors social justice and gay pride.

The days of watching football for the sake of the pure enjoyment of the sport are over. It has become an indoctrination camp for millions of viewers in the hopes of making them liberal sympathizers.