The Media Keeps Sexualizing Kids To Push Their Agenda, and It's Not Okay

John Romero | June 5, 2019
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In the last few years, there has been a disturbing trend in the media.

From lack of coverage to high profile sex abuse allegations to actively pushing for children in drag, the media have ignored and even ran cover stories for those who prey on the most innocent.

The evidence isn't hard to find. For example, take the case of Desmond is Amazing. For weeks, the media put this poor child, whose parents think it's okay for him to dance in drag at a gay bar while having dollar bills thrown at him, and praised him as some icon that other children should strive for.

Now, that same media is praising a seven-year-old “winning” the L.A. Pride parade while strutting around in high heels, front and center for all the creeps pedophiles to see. The little boy's mother was even quoted that this was all the child’s decision and that she had no influence.

Another example of media malpractice, was the severe lack of coverage when it came to evidence that Pope Francis had known about the sexual misconduct allegations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, as pointed out by Ben Shapiro on Daily Wire. Sadly, it's not just the reporting media that are active in this.

Our entertainment media have seen a rapid uptick in sexualizing children. Netflix, for example, has streamed shows and movies accused of pushing pedophilia, sex trafficking, and outright child porn. Child drag is also creeping in the form of animated shows, likey in the hopes it looks more innocent.

The sexualization of children is even being pushed on social media platforms. As reported by Newsbusters' Corinne Weaver, Snapchat even began featuring a "filter" that could be applied to their photos that read, “Love Has No Age,” a popular slogan for the North American Man/Boy Love Association(NAMBLA), a pro-pedophilia group.

Youtube, as reported on RedState, has known their children’s videos and the algorithms that drive their “watch next” have catered to pedophiles in the past, and yet they refuse to do anything about it. The video streaming platform also continues to profit off these views. This trend shows no sign of stopping, its endgame though couldn’t be made any clearer than a recent video showing Desmond is Amazing with two men: