Media Piles on After Yankees’ Fans Pour Hate on Sen. Cruz 

Jay Maxson | October 25, 2022
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Yankees’ fans were in a foul mood Sunday night after their team got swept four-straight by Houston in the American League Championship Series. Their only consolation was pouring hate on Texas Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, who was in attendance at Yankee Stadium. 

Sen. Ted Cruz was heartily booed when he stood up to depart from his seat behind home plate. There were Italian salutes directed his way, and he was called a “racist piece of shit.” Fans were heard yelling to Sen. Cruz, “fuck you” and “get out of New York.” 

The Daily Show piled on, too, noting that New York fans had turned “a series loss into a win for humanity.” 

“I mean, yeah, it sucks that we lost, and season’s over or whatever, but hey, at least we got to call Ted Cruz a lying, motherfucking, Capitol-storming racist sonofabitch,” a fictional Yankees fan said in a Daily Show spoof. 

Mediaite writer Colby Hall called the senator a loser who supports cheaters – like the Astros and former President Donald Trump. He branded Sen. Cruz as a man who “is not bothered by the consequentialism of a ‘win at all costs’ approach, as evidenced by his blind fealty to former President Donald Trump.”  

Houston’s 2017 World Series championship was tainted by a sign-stealing scandal. So now their 2022 American League championship and one of their best-known fans must surely be rejected as well, Hall screeched. 

“There are no winners in this story,” Hall says of the Astros and Sen. Cruz. 

Speaking of winners, “racist” is an odd term for the son a Cuban immigrant who obtained political asylum in the United States. Rafael Cruz’s son became an American success story as an immigrant’s son who rose to the level of U.S. senator. But to the geniuses in the Big Apple – a sanctuary city, no less, he’s just a Latin American racist. 

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Jesse Angelo, president of Global News and Entertainment at Vice News, tweeted a photo of the ugly scene at Yankee Stadium with the message:

“@tedcruz came to @yankeestadium wearing @astros colors tonight. The Bronx responded in kind…”  

TMZ caught up with Sen. Cruz in New York Monday and asked him about Sunday’s rude treatment at Yankee Stadium. He took the high road, stating:

“It was an awesome game, it was spectacular, and I appreciated the great New York hospitality. I’ll tell ya what I told Yankees fans who came down to Houston. I was at Game 2 with my daughter. I said, ‘Look, we’re going to be polite, we’re going to treat you wonderfully, and, sorry, I hope we whip your ass. It was a great game. …’" He said the Yanks are the greatest of all time, and he was grateful for “the time of my life.” 

The Yankees and their hateful fans won’t be accused of winning anything of importance since their last world title in 2009, or of taking the same high road the conservative senator took. They and the media are setting the bar very low if acting like obscene idiots is a “win for humanity.” 

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