Michael Beschloss Guesses Highland Park Shooter Picked His Target Because of...Kyle Rittenhouse?

Brittany M. Hughes | July 6, 2022
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Michael Beschloss has a lot of historical information about presidents floating around in his head.

Unfortunately, it seems he can store this archive of facts and trivia because there's not much else taking up his brainspace.

The historian took to Twitter Tuesday with what was perhaps one of the dumbest hot takes in the wake of the Highland Park shooting that left seven people dead and dozens more wounded after a gunman opened fire at a Fourth of July parade on Monday. According to police, the gunman, who has since been arrested and charged, took a stance atop a nearby building and shot into the crowd before fleeing the scene wearing women's clothing and traveling - temporarily - to nearby Madison, Wisconsin.

According to Beschloss, the 21-year-old alleged killer may have intentionally chosen to flee to Wisconsin after the shooting because that's where Kyle Rittenhouse had recently been acquitted of all charges.

“Why did Highland Park person of interest choose to drive after the mass murder to Wisconsin, of all places?” Beschloss wondered on Twitter.

“Any possibility that Highland Park person drove to Wisconsin after yesterday's atrocity in the knowledge that Kyle Rittenhouse was ‘acquitted of all charges’ after shootings there?” he then added.

Which is moronic on more levels that it seems possible to count.

Starting with the fact that Rittenhouse – regardless of whether his armed presence at the 2020 riots in Kenosha was appropriate or not – shot and killed two and wounded another as they were chasing him down the street with weapons trying to kill him. He was later acquitted of all charges after piles of footage from the incident made it clear he was acting in self-defense.

Which is a heck of a lot different than crouching on the roof of a building and sniping innocent parade-goers as they enjoy the local marching band.

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And, of course, the real kicker: the shooting occurred in Illinois, meaning that the shooter will be charged...well, in Illinois. Because that's how laws work. The fact that he left the scene of the crime to temporarily stop over in Wisconsin before returning to Illinois doesn't amount to a hill of beans in terms of where he'll face justice.

Perhaps a better theory is that Bechloss, just like many leftists in the wake of a tragedy, immediately bend over backwards to connect any dots they can between a violent criminal and the law-abiding conservatives they’ve already decided are responsible.

And they actually want us to believe they're interested in finding "solutions."

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