Michael Moore Pens Big Fat Fact-Free Love Letter to GOP Govs

Jason Cohen | September 22, 2022
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Use the words “Michael Moore” and “love” in a sentence that doesn’t include “pizza” or “Castro.” Not easy to do, is it?

And yet here we are: Inspired by the recent transport of migrants from Texas to sanctuary cities, Michael Moore has penned a sarcastic piece entitled “A Love Letter to Governors Abbott and DeSantis.” 

Moore begins by trashing Texas as a “hellhole” and thanking Governor Abbot for “liberating” the migrants who arrive there. He even writes, “I’m sure most of them, when they fled the terror and poverty of their own countries to come to the land of the free in Texas, had no idea they were going to a new place of terror, a place led by men devoid of conscience, a state run by bigots and idiots.” 

If Texas is so horrible, it is strange how many people are moving there. Moore must not have been following migration patterns the past few years because he says, “They probably don’t know that in the rest of America there’s not a single person who ever thinks to themself, ‘Oh my God, I can’t wait to move to Texas!’” He could not be more incorrect. 

Moore also implies that new immigrants would be perturbed by Texas’s abortion policy. This is an ignorant assumption as they are coming from numerous different countries and cultures, including some of the many that support abortion less than the United States. 

Next, he exaggerates the gun issue in Texas, saying the state “hands out assault weapons like candy.” Referencing the tragedy in Uvalde and the alleged cowardice of the cops, he poses the question: “In Texas, why on earth would you put yourself at risk to save a child?!!” 

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Moore is an inveterate liar, and he’s doing it again. Emphasizing one tragic event as exemplary of an entire state is lazy and dishonest. 

Of course Moore brings race into the equation, suggesting Abbott is sending away migrants because they are not white: “I get why you don’t want more of ‘these people’ in your state. In the last decade you’ve now become our sixth non-white state … where the majority of your citizens are not caucasian.” Could it be that illegality and indigence has more to do with it than race? 

After accusing Abbott of racism, he decides to list offensive stereotypes about Texans: “When one thinks of Texas, you think of a state packed with good ol’ boys, rednecks, white on white, shit-kickin’ boots and country music.” Seems like maybe Michael Moore is the racist. 

Moore also gives credence to the conspiracy theory that the left supports illegal immigration because they think it will ensure they win every election in the future. He implies that nonwhite voters all vote the same way: “So I get it, Gov. Abbott. This has been a scary transition for you and your fellow whiteys. The writing is on the wall. You are maybe just one election cycle away from losing power — and Texas becoming a Blue state.” He goes on and on, but this seems sufficient to show the impact of leftist propaganda on turning people into racist nutjobs like Michael Moore.